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About NBC

A Single Seat Networking Group Built on the Belief that relationships drive success.

Who We Are

Nashville Business Collective meets every week, seeking to hold its members accountable to ensure that everyone is contributing to the growth of the collective as a whole and the success of individual members. As a collective, we believe everyone has a shared responsibility in the success and growth of the group.


Interested member applicants must attend at least 3 meetings with us before applying. We value getting to know you and your business! Regular attendance is also a requirement once becoming a member.


Interested applicants should also expect to have a 1-on-1 with at least 5 Group Members. The members will ultimately vote on your acceptance, so getting to know us is a must. Regular 1-on-1's are also a way we continue to earn points during our membership.


Becoming a member means you are ready to work alongside and recommend others in the group wherever possible. We support one another! Applicants are assessed for their availability and desire to contribute.


As a single-seat group, we do not elect members from the same title or industry, so that we minimize competition for referrals and are able to better benefit one another. Interested applicants should make sure their industry seat is available.

Application & Fee

We use a custom app to track activity, where interested members can apply and submit a $200/Yr application fee. As a non-profit, our fees go directly back into our events and bettering the group. Members usually see a return on this investment very quickly!


Once you apply for membership, group members vote on your acceptance. Once you're in, you have our support! Members maintain their membership through regular points assessment through referrals, closed business, attendance, 1-on-1's, and more!

Membership Benefits

Our team Is our biggest asset. We make sure the growth of our collective is represented by the growth of our people.


Our utmost goal is to help each professional develop and nurture relationships that also thrive on the synergy of helping one another succeed. However we can, we over advice and referrals that help our members grow.


With every week comes new opportunities for businesses, and to rely on each other for specific asks. We work hard to fulfill points requirements which has us passing regular referrals and closing business for another, this ensure members and their businesses benefit from the group!


Our members truly seek to get to know one another. It's part of why passing referrals is so easy! We are confident we can trust each other as individuals to deliver and it creates a wonderful culture.


Having a trusted network of professionals helps you confidently stand out, no matter what event or stage you're at in your growth. This sort of support is invaluable and increases so much potential for word of mouth growth.

Becoming a Member

We happily invite qualified members to apply! See application requirements below.

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Where & When

We meet every Wednesday at 8am in Brentwood, Tennessee and host events once a quarter. Visit Us!

7000 Executive Center Drive Suite 2-110 Brentwood, TN 37027

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